Rebecca Steele, M.A., CCC


Rebecca Steele, M. A., CCC



​​I have completed a two year M.A. in Psychotherapy at Wilfrid Laurier University and I am trained in many therapeutic treatments. I am also assisting with psychological research regarding trust development, close relationships, self- esteem, hate, boredom, motivation and emotion, and I intend on pursuing further research in Psychology.

Due to being a Clinical Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC), and regularly consulting with an MSW/RSW, my services are covered by many insurance/benefit plans. My approach is intended to help you achieve personal goals, make change in your life that you find both meaningful and significant, or heal from past experiences that are impacting you negatively.

Clients are able to easily open up and move into meaningful work with me, finding they are able to trust the healing process. 

Common areas I treat include relieving anxiety, working through grief, changing unwanted habits or behaviours, resolving emotional conflict, healing from trauma, and managing and channeling anger.

My approach is always insight-driven, and I also frequently incorporate mindfulness, which is the practice of developing inner acceptance and a non-judgemental attitude that facilitates a decreased stress reaction. In doing so, external and internal sources of stress shift and diminish.

Insight is an intelligent force. In addition to my interest and focus on finding insight regarding your situation, insight also refers to the fact that deep down, each person has their own insight regarding their situation as well, and that is something that is drawn out in counselling with me. Tapping into this is empowering and can give you the ability to deal with anything that comes your way in life. 


I offer help to:

Recover from grief and loss

Calm and soothe anxiety

Navigate life transitions

Heal emotional conflict 

Conquer unwanted behaviours

Manage and channel anger

Work through and heal from trauma

Increase self awareness


Treatments used:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: looks at the role your thinking and belief systems have upon your life.

Mindfulness Therapy: the practice of developing inner acceptance and a non-judgemental attitude that facilitates a decreased stress reaction. In doing so, external and internal sources of stress shift and diminish.

Art Therapy: increases coping skills, enhances cognitive function, resolves inner conflicts, develops and maintains a peaceful state of mind

Emotionally Focused Therapy: enhance your emotional intelligence, which can help you in problem solving and managing behaviour

Psychodynamic & Jungian Therapy: looks deep into one’s psychology and identifies the unconscious and root cause of a condition and situation

Motivational Interviewing: particularly helpful in addressing alcohol or substance abuse

​Existental Therapy: to help find your place in the world and your purpose in life


I am available for counselling by telephone/audio (traditional telephone calls, WhatsApp audio calls, or FB audio calls), email (, instant messaging (SMS/texting, or IM services: WhatsApp or BBM), or video chat (Skype or Facetime).

For a free 15 minute consultation with me, either:

My services (whether email, phone, video, or instant messaging) cost:

$1.50 per minute (minimum 15 minutes per session):

15 mins= $22.50

30 mins= $45.00

45 mins= $67.5

60 mins= $90 (the traditional length of a counselling session)