Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy by E-mail, Telephone, or Video Chat

Daniel Bader, Ph.D., RSW, CCC

1-855-727-4535; daniel.bader(at)insightvillage.ca

I believe that a fulfilling life comes from integrating all parts of ourselves: our beliefs, our emotions, our behaviour and our relationships. Forming a strong relationship with my clients, I help clients to discover where their strengths lie, and how best to apply them to the areas that need more attention.

A long-time teacher of philosophy at the University of Toronto, I am uniquely capable of listening to clients, helping them to reflect in ways that are truly life altering.

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

I am a Registered Social Worker and a Canadian Certified Counsellor who has completed a two-year, master’s degree in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy from Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. I have been trained in Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy, a modality that can help you:

  • To marshal your own spiritual resources when dealing with mental health challenges.
  • To understand the ways that your spiritual narratives impact your psychological health, and
  • To grow your own spiritual narratives in ways that are psychologically healing.

Myself Catholic, I have worked with clients from many religious backgrounds and believe in the transformative power and goodness of all spiritual traditions, and I am committed to helping you develop your own spiritual life within whatever tradition you live.

How To Sign Up

I am available for counselling by telephone, email, or Skype, and I am ready to help.

For a free, twenty-minute or email consultation, just enter your name and email below:

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Cost of Services

My services services cost C$120 (approx. US$93 or £70) per 50 minute session after the consultation. Email counselling is C$120 (approx. US$93 or £70) per exchange after the initial consultation, and I will spend at least one hour on each exchange.

Services can all be geared to income for those with household incomes of less than C$75,000 (approx. US$58,144 or £43,786).