Cognitive Behaviour Therapy by E-mail, Telephone, or Video Chat

Daniel Bader, Ph.D., RSW, CCC

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I believe that a fulfilling life comes from integrating all parts of ourselves: our beliefs, our emotions, our behaviour and our relationships. Forming a strong relationship with my clients, I help clients to discover where their strengths lie, and how best to apply them to the areas that need more attention.

A long-time teacher of philosophy at the University of Toronto, I am uniquely capable of listening to clients, helping them to reflect in ways that are truly life altering.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

I am a Registered Social Worker and Canadian Certified Counsellor who has been trained in the use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). It is an evidence-informed modality that recognizes and works the deep connections between our thoughts and emotions. CBT will help you:

  • To notice and record the thoughts that accompany and trigger anxiety and depression.
  • To test those surface thoughts, and develop more balanced thoughts that are realistic and do not create distress.
  • To find patterns or “core beliefs” in those thoughts that tell us more about how we view ourselves and our world.
  • To challenge those core beliefs, and allow them to be replaced by a healthier, more balanced sense of ourselves.

CBT empowers clients, because it provides a set of skills and techniques that you can use through your entire life, long after the counselling relationship is finished. You will learn how to recognize and manage your emotions through the practice and mentorship you receive in therapy.

How To Sign Up

I am available for counselling by telephone, email, or Skype, and I am ready to help.

For a free, twenty-minute or email consultation, just enter your name and email below:

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Cost of Services

My services services cost C$120 (approx. US$90 or £69) per 50 minute session after the consultation. Email counselling is C$120 (approx. US$90 or £69) per exchange after the initial consultation, and I will spend at least one hour on each exchange.

Services can all be geared to income for those with household incomes of less than C$75,000 (approx. US$56,233 or £43,403).