Frequently Asked Questions

1. How private is your counselling?

Insight Village is hosted at, a service that is compliant both with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA). You can visit their privacy policy here:

Two of ourĀ instant messaging chat platforms, BlackBerry Messenger and Whatsapp, delete messages after they are written, leaving no record of them anywhere on the internet. Our email platform is through our secure site hosted at, and each client receives his or her own email for counselling. No telephone or Skype conversation is ever recorded.

2. How do I set up counselling?

We set up counselling either by contact form, by email (contact(at) or by telephone (Daniel Bader: 226-647-1592; Rebecca Steele: 519-635-3283). We will set up a free consultation at your convenience. We will provide you with detailed instructions for how to set up your account for whatever medium you wish to use in counselling, whether it be email, instant messaging, video chat, or further telephone conversations.

Please note that, while Insight Village’s servers are private, some email services, especially gmail and hotmail, do record your emails and use them for advertising purposes. Be aware that, if you set up your services using one of these emails, those initial messages may not be private.

3. How does payment work?

Clients may pay through Paypal, wire transfer, or personal cheque (scanned and sent to counsellor).

4. How much does it cost?

The price at Insight Village varies depending on the counsellor and the presenting problem, but it will fall within the $90-$100 range (Canadian dollars) for fifty minutes of service.

5. What modalities do you use?

All of our counsellors use multiple modalities based on the preference of the client and the presenting issue. Please see Daniel Bader’s page or Rebecca Steele’s page for more information.

6. What communities do you service?

We are currently providing service throughout Canada, excluding Quebec and Nova Scotia. We hope to expand our services into the United Kingdom and into Ireland in the future.

7. Is your service covered by insurance?

Each insurance plan has its own rules about what sort of counselling is covered by that plan. All of our counsellors are Canadian Certified Counsellors, who are covered by many plans. Daniel Bader also has a Ph.D., which is relevant to some plans. Speak to your insurance company to find out if services by Canadian Certified Counsellors are covered.

To sign up for a free consultation, please either email us at contact(at) or use our contact form.