About Insight Village

In 2015, Daniel Bader, Ph.D., RP (Qualifying), CCC., and Rebecca Steele, M.A, CCC  realized just how poorly distributed counselling was across Canada. Some areas, like Waterloo, had more counsellors than they would ever need, while others, like Brampton or Kenora, were seriously underserviced. In addition, they heard from their own clients just how inconvenient it could be to come to counselling, especially for those working long hours or who had children who needed their support.

Since Daniel had developed websites for over a decade, and Rebecca was familiar with the world of apps and instant messaging, they developed a plan. Let’s not expect the clients to come to us. Let’s go to them. And that’s where Insight Village started. Since then, Daniel and Rebecca have worked hard to bring cutting-edge technology to bear on counselling for the Twenty-First Century. Since they began, they have added numerous media for counselling, including email, instant messaging, telephone, and video chat.

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